Learning Lessons

It’s been a month since we were told to “Shelter In Place”.  It’s been 5 weeks since we had Misty out and camping at Waterloo State Park.  However, we have been able to spend nights in our trailer.  When we came home from Waterloo we looked at the extended forecast and while it was supposed to be cold it was not supposed to freeze.  

Well surprise the weatherman was wrong again.  Trusting the un-trustable we left water in the tank. We have spent 4 nights with the heaters (cabin and tanks) going because we did not want to have the extra expense of repairing water lines or worse a busted tank.

In this process, being new RV’ers, we have learned a few lessons.  The first was that our single battery would not push the heaters all night.  Fortunately, battery cables hooked up to the truck saved the day.  The second was to not have the propane selector using both cylinders.  Late one night or early that morning Debbie woke me up and asked if the generator, which we purchased after the first lesson along with another battery, was running.  I got dressed and journeyed out into the freezing night and realized the power was on.  Scratching my head and trying to figure out why the heater was not running it hit me.  Check the propane, and sure enough the selector was orange announcing the lack of propane in either tank.  

Again, fortunately Misty is furnished with an electrical fireplace.  It looks cute but sure saved the night!  The day found us searching for propane in the days of isolation.  

The next lesson came one cold still night.  The wind had been blowing for three days but this night was early morning calm.  All of the sudden we started getting a beep, beep, beep and after an Easter egg hunt, we found the beep coming from the propane/gas monitor.  What in the world could this be?  Getting out the owner’s manual I understood we had more of a problem than a bad battery.  I went out to check the generator and considered that the exhaust could be entering the trailer.  I pulled it out and shut it down.  After a minute I started it back up and sure enough the alert was back green and quiet.  What had happened was the prior nights were windy and kept the exhaust away from the trailer.  But this night was different.  Being still it had allowed the exhaust to blow under the trailer and I suppose up into it.  Now I know that the generator needs to be pointed away from the trailer.  Yeah, that should have been a no-brainer to begin with.

So living in a church parking lot we are learning our lessons.  As good a place as any I guess!

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