We (Donny and Debbie) hope that you will not only follow but enjoy our journey of preparing to RV Full-time. We have recently, after about a year of researching what we might want, have purchased “Misty” a 28′ Forest River Rockwood.

Our first “pull” was from Birch Run, Michigan to Ypsilanti, Michigan in 35 – 40 mph winds. We were pleased that “Dillon” (think Gunsmoke) pulled her easily even in the heavy winds.

The church I pastor has been gracious and allowed us to park Misty on the parking lot across the street from the church. As we pulled in we started the unhitching process and all the sudden had no power. In the dark I had to find the hand crank to lower the tongue jack. This should not have happened because the battery was completely charged when we left Birch Run’s General RV location.

The next morning I pulled the truck up to the trailer and hooked her directly into the truck battery. Still there was no power! I called our service tech at General RV and one of the first things he suggested was to see if we had pulled the battery disconnect by accident. Yep, I would guess the he had heard that before. Reconnecting the battery to the trailer gave her power and she (Misty) was happy to let me use the electric jack. First lesson learned!

We are excited that we are taking her back to Birch Run to have a special coating applied that will help keep all the painting and decals from fading in the sun. Then it is off to Waterloo State Park and our first outing.

Come with us as we make mistakes, learn and have fun on the journey. What will the destination be? We don’t want to know because we want to see and enjoy the whole journey!

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